Thursday, December 24, 2009

baby jesus on the race track

We have a little wooden nativity set that was a gift when she was born. Rob likes to organize it at night, after she is asleep. Last night, we could not fined the baby jesus. We made all kinds of jokes about the baby jesus being lost.
Amelia also has a wooden track and wooden cars that flip flop on the track. Clack, clack clack they go down.
She has been working on her technique so about 30 – 40% of the time she can get the little car in the track and Clack clack clack swoosh it goes.

Last night we found the little wooden baby Jesus on the car track. We cracked up. Why not? It’s a little chunk of wood, same as the cars, really. So why shouldn’t the baby jesus race down the track?

Merry Christmas.