Monday, April 30, 2007

A trial run on the hair

Okay, this classifies as a "craft" really. There were 51 bobbie pins.
This is officially how I will not be wearing my hair. The truth is stranger than the fiction. Maybe I just needed the stars and purls spray.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hair, wedding hair

I need to get my hair done for my wedding. I am trying to gather some pictures together to show how I think I might like it to look. I wanted to share some of the choices I found with you. Now, never mind that my hair is long and curly. Think outside the box with me. First we have a big steaming pile of hair smoothed out and laid on the head. Then, front that with a "star and pearl spray". Isn't that from the "my little pony" dress-up collection?
And this woman's face conveys the joy that a bride should possess... wouldn't you say?

Or, I could opt for the flattened road kill tails, artistically arranged to jut out at varying angles. they are from a collection of different animals, and that is why the various pieces are different colors and different textures.

Both are so natural. Both are so flattering. It is hard to choose.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A birthday meal

It was Rob's "big" birthday. (never fear, he still acts 12)
We got our marriage license!
This is such a funny process. It is like the Love DMV. It's still a government office after all. We were the first appointment of the day, so the place was clear. But when we left there were loads of other couples lined up filling out their paperwork. A glance at the other happy couples highlighted the fact that we are indeed the two oldest people on the planet to ever marry.
For the evening we went to a nice dinner. For a celebration, we thought we would do something different than just "burritos". We visited Limon, a Peruvian Restaurant.

Some people ordered Snapper and it came WHOLE - all nestled into a shell of the fish that had been fried. It was beautiful, and strange, and bearing it's teeth, all at the same time. !!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

knitting Madly

I have taken on a new sport. It is one I only previously read about. "Knitting to a deadline". This sport is NOT for the faint of heart. It turns knitting into aerobics. My heart races, adrenalin flows. My muscles tense up.

I'll tell you more about the specifics later. I could post them now, but then I'd loose my top security clearance. All will be revealed in time.

As I frantically knit, there are little fluff bits flying around.

Usually knitting is not so "messy". It adds to the frenetic nature of the looming 'deadline'. I should not have taken on such a project, with only moments to go before the wedding. But when the opportunity was presented, it was not one that I could turn down. Besides, I have shoes! I have a dress! What else could we need?

Friday, April 6, 2007

Cinco d mayo

One Month
We will get married in One Month