Sunday, December 2, 2007

one year

One year blogaversary

Its been a year of posting.
It was going to be about my own knitting, and crafting.
And as the time has gone by, it has been about so much.

There have been big questions. And some big answers. Both on and off the blog.

There have been really beautiful days.
And really awful ones.

Great friends have gathered. And some have moved away. The house has come along, and we continue to make progress where progress needs to be made.

And there has been crafting and making all year.
Here we are steaming toward the holidays.

I realize now how important the crafting is in the balance. I am happier if I have made something. Some people garden, and get their hands in the dirt. Some people play an instrument. I want to cut fabric, or pick up needles. The clicking sound and the garment growing in my hands is peaceful.

It has been interesting to track my progress - as well as that of my friends. I tend to start lots, and finish less. I seem to hit more 'issues' than some. (Am I really hitting issues? Or am I letting perfection get in the way of progress? )

I'll tackle the stash more this year.
And I'll post more photos.
Happy one year of reading. Thanks for visiting.


MJ said...

Happy, Happy Blogaversary!!!!

kat said...

wow, i can't believe its been a year! congrats!

Kara said...

Congratulations on a great year for a great blog.

Risa said...

Happy blogaversary, lady!