Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 1: and Sew it Begins

This week’s challenge was to make an outfit inspired by the clothes they were wearing. Wouldn’t you know, my Barbie came in a bikini with boy/board shorts. !

There was a WHOLE lot of learning that went on here. First of all, I doth my hat to all the Barbie clothes makers out there. That is some fiddlie little work.

There are issues with her proportions that make things difficult. Her head is huge, and her rear is huge, so great big holes need to be left in there to accommodate her when we try things on.
In Project Runway Speak: “I did not know my model’s measurements before the challenge began. So this became more about fitting her. “

I was envisioning neck line being a little more plunging. But there was not enough ribbon trim to “plunge” any further.
I would like to point out that there are French cuffs on the blouse. (crazy!) On one of the cuffs, the turn up is the fabric from the shorts. I would have to say I was just trying to incorporate more of the original outfit, just to show a good faith effort to embrace the challenge. Then, in the end, the top was just big enough for coasters. So when she goes to the party in Miami, she will have coasters to match her outfit.

Go check out how Kat did! (whew, did she have a wicked little start outfit too!)

This challenge was SO fun. It is a great creative diversion. It is a great antidote to toddler chasing.


kat said...

Yeah I totally didn't think how hard the small sewing was going to be, like I can't hem the skirt on my sewing machine! It was fun though. Great job on the pieces you did!

kat said...
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Karen said...

omg!Love it!