Tuesday, May 1, 2007


My Mom is here at long last. If you are very lucky, and you try really hard, you have a Mom as good as mine. She arrived yesterday, and drove up to spend the afternoon with me. We had lunch and a latte at Tartine. And she got to see the house for a minute. AND she got to see the dress. Ah! The dress. We are now making a little chiffon 'thing' for the top of the dress, just at the shoulders. She is going to take it and do some handwork on it in the next few days. She was dead heading flowers in the back pots while we talked. And then she discussed when and why it's important to change the size of the sewing machine needle for different projects. Holy COW. I had no idea. I'm 86 years old and my dear mother is STILL schoolin' me in the sewing. Goddess of all things craft and needle art: The Bunnie.


Alexa said...

I want to meet your mom.

kat said...

yeah, Bunnie in town is the best!

Samantha Earl said...

Hooray for mamas!