Saturday, January 26, 2008

A week later

The craftroom has been so busy!I visited a friend, and viewed her FO's. She did SUCH a nice job mixing color - and yarn brands, and still got really consistent results.
We have visited with family.And that is always wonderful.

I had to sit on Jury Duty for a day. What an ominous place. Grand slabs of mable on the walls, and wonderful arcitecture, house this institution. I brought enough knitting for 8 hours. In the end, they did excuse me. But not before I heard about a number of shooting incidents in the Western Addition.
Finally, we are still eating healthy foods. ! It's been 19 days. We are booth SO much healthier it is astounding. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, January 18, 2008


These were tall grasses, meant to withstand the conditions that we have. They went brown, and I thought they were dormant. So I cut them back, and let them regroup. That was a year ago. So they are "permanently dormant". Time to try again.

Here is the repot. Still a tall grass-like leaf. I'm told these will withstand anything. Given that the San Francisco climate is not what we would call "harsh", I hope they work out.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Road Kill

7 days ago we turned over a new leaf. Our new regime is more about exclusion than inclusion. We didn't think we were eating that badly before, but the contrast is striking.
No processed foods
no refined carbs
no added sugar
no added salt
no white rice
no bread
no diary
I miss something different every day. It's funny. I stood in the store today near a box of crackers, dreaming. I bought spinach and black eyed peas (no salt added) and ran out.
On the way to work today, I parked the car, and opened the door, and this was just outside.
I loved the irony of it. "McDonalds as Road Kill". The big sloppy mess on the sidewalk was poignant. It was fresh and as I got out of the car it was unavoidable. The ketchup had been run over and exploded in the middle. Who ate that? And early in the morning?

I am not going to lie to you, historically speaking, I've been in McDonalds, and I have, on occasion, enjoyed their fries. But today, the mess in the road was so real, and illustrated exactly why we are making such an effort to eat differently.

So far the results are dramatic. A mere seven days in, and we are just watching the changes take place before our very eyes.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lots going on

A simple scarf design, with some interesting stranding.
Pistaza with Rialto - for the yarnies out there.

For the first Monday of the new year, we began a new "food program" there have been some very serious vegetables consumed. We are both happy with the results so far. But I can tell you I am missing the dark dark chocolate.

I am certain that I got the last pair of boots in San Francisco. I had to HUNT them down. I love them. Wouldn't these brighten a rainy day?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The calm after the storm

You saw the cookies on the cutting board. Here is how that activity turned out.

Now there is blowing and howling, and rain. Inches and inches of rain. We are fine. We lost power at the house so we went to see how our “assets” were. We got in the car in the morning and went to my store (holding our breath) , then to his garage then to his office. Fine, Fine, no power, respectively.
It was wild and wooly! I know I used to live in Minnesota, and I am used to a mid-west storm, and tornadoes. But this really was a California equivalent. There was so much rain, and such high winds (again, both relative to our normal) that the trees just started popping out of the ground. These super saturated root balls just came up like gofers out of their hole! There are trees over cars, and trees on houses.... Not so funny. The ironic thing, is all the old Christmas trees are out blowing down the street like tumble weeds in an old western town!

Hoping that all of you are safe and warm and dry.
Happy New Year!