Saturday, January 5, 2008

The calm after the storm

You saw the cookies on the cutting board. Here is how that activity turned out.

Now there is blowing and howling, and rain. Inches and inches of rain. We are fine. We lost power at the house so we went to see how our “assets” were. We got in the car in the morning and went to my store (holding our breath) , then to his garage then to his office. Fine, Fine, no power, respectively.
It was wild and wooly! I know I used to live in Minnesota, and I am used to a mid-west storm, and tornadoes. But this really was a California equivalent. There was so much rain, and such high winds (again, both relative to our normal) that the trees just started popping out of the ground. These super saturated root balls just came up like gofers out of their hole! There are trees over cars, and trees on houses.... Not so funny. The ironic thing, is all the old Christmas trees are out blowing down the street like tumble weeds in an old western town!

Hoping that all of you are safe and warm and dry.
Happy New Year!


Marisol said...

The cookies turned out great! Glad to hear everything is O.K.

Kara said...

Those cookies are pretty darn cute! Glad you survived the crazy storm.

kat said...

glad everything is safe, it sounded pretty nutty there