Sunday, January 13, 2008

Road Kill

7 days ago we turned over a new leaf. Our new regime is more about exclusion than inclusion. We didn't think we were eating that badly before, but the contrast is striking.
No processed foods
no refined carbs
no added sugar
no added salt
no white rice
no bread
no diary
I miss something different every day. It's funny. I stood in the store today near a box of crackers, dreaming. I bought spinach and black eyed peas (no salt added) and ran out.
On the way to work today, I parked the car, and opened the door, and this was just outside.
I loved the irony of it. "McDonalds as Road Kill". The big sloppy mess on the sidewalk was poignant. It was fresh and as I got out of the car it was unavoidable. The ketchup had been run over and exploded in the middle. Who ate that? And early in the morning?

I am not going to lie to you, historically speaking, I've been in McDonalds, and I have, on occasion, enjoyed their fries. But today, the mess in the road was so real, and illustrated exactly why we are making such an effort to eat differently.

So far the results are dramatic. A mere seven days in, and we are just watching the changes take place before our very eyes.


Alexa said...

My grandparents take a bazillion vitamins. When I was little, I'd take their morning vitamins and make smiley faces out of them. Your fruit face reminded me.

kat said...

Not sure I could do it but good for you guys getting through this!

MJ said...

Love the fruit face!!

Kara said...

I am doing something very similar. Who knew it was going to be this hard (I really miss cookies). But in the end, it does feel really good.