Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chalenge 10, Fat Quarter

In honor of Mardi Gras (in the Quarter, Fat Tuesday...) we were asked to make something out of a "Fat Quarter". This is a quilting term for fabric that is 18 x 22.
We were allowed to use other things, and embellishments, but the measurements could not exceed the Fat Quarter.

I got stuck in a 'quilting' space, and needed to snap out of it. Because, as we know, it is not realistic for me to do a quilt in a week. And, you cannot make a quilt out of just one piece of fabric.

So I thought about fabric in general. And struck upon the idea of using mesh to make a caddy to hold the bath toys.
Mesh bag
I got 22 inches of mesh. (which, is sold by the bolt in a section called "utility fabrics". It is there next to ticking, and the fabric with the little tiny rubber dots that is on the bottom of baby footie pajamas.)
And I got some orange ric rac. While the bag is smallish, the ric rac is HUGE. So they create a funny, animated pair.
Giant Ric-rac
This could not be easier to make.
Take your mesh, sew the sides and the bottom. Fold a tiny bit down at the top, and sew the ric-rac around.
Ric-rac around top


The piece hangs in the tub on some suction cups with hooks on them.
suction cups
Here is in action.
bath caddy
Excellent. Washable. Quick drying.
And, pretty cute.


kat said...

That is some good thinking out of the box! I never though of using an unusual fabric.

Jenny K said...

What a great idea.... it brings back memories of the bag that hung for years in our tub full of well used toys. I would have never thought to make one.

Lori said...

This is a totally fabulous idea. I never thought of it but perfect for my kids bath toys. They have some but they are way too small.