Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Summer Holiday!

We're all goin' on a
Summer Holiday.... !!!

My English Husband introduced me to Cliff Richard's movies. The highlight in the set is a musical called Summer Holiday.
A twenty-something and his mates get a double decker bus, and convert it into a 'camper' of sorts, for a road trip. Then they convince a beautiful set of girls to come with them. (Of course they do.)
If I had the resources (unlimited resources) I would invest in seeing this concept bus through to being built:

I took my inspiration from the bus itself.
And made this tea towel.

It is funny how similar the mechanics of this project to the freezer paper stencil.

This time though, I was smart enough to pick a something a little more solid.
Exacto Craft

tea towels, vintage and new
I am really excited about how this came out.
It will be interesting to see if the applique adheres, or if I need to go back in and do some embroidery as well. But for now, I like the simplicity of it.


kat said...

Wow, that turned out really, really good. Perfect job on the bus.

Jenny K said...

This looks really good. I always get confused on what to cut and not cut so the image looks right. That's why I buy the ones already done for me.

Susan J said...

You MADE this?! You're incredible, Sweet Susi!