Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Green, Lucky, Scarf

Two weeks ago, the challenge was Green.
I started on this "simple" "small" scarf.

And then family came into town. And all bets were off.

So here, I submit to you, my tangerine scarf.

This is a personal victory, combining crochet and knitting!

I thought about making something for the lucky challenge. And I thought, and I thought. What little talisman could I make to carry around? What would I reflect on to bring me luck.
And I kept coming back to the same thing: I carry around 26 pounds most of the time. And I reflect on the luck I have been showered with already.
That 26 pounds was up a lot in the night this week, and that starts to reek havoc on my creativity and my imagination.
So, here is how lucky I am.


kat said...

The scarf turned out really cute, its very anthropologie

Beth W. said...

I agree with Kat. It's super cute!