Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Birds

Our challenge this week was 'animal' theme.
Anything Animal.

five beaks
I found this wonderful tutorial for these birds and could not pass them up! I was excited to do something with fabric. And tutorials always excite me. There is the possibility that something will turn out EXACTLY as you had intended. And that is tempting.
bird line-up
These were fun, and turned out really well. (Or, let me say, I am happy with them.)
After I did the first two, I changed the pattern. The one from the tutorial has a long beak that turns down a bit. It is more of a tucan, than a sweet 'bird on the wire'.
(can you see which ones I mean? Two Tucans, and 3 'birdies'.)
I just kept making them.
circle of birds
I had a ball.
And THAT is the very definition of 'craft time' to me!


kat said...

They are super cute. How funny that you thought you might get two done & you have a bevy of birds

Beth W. said...

I love these!

Kara said...

Love these birds! I have seen them before on a mobile which was such a cute idea.

shopgirl said...

Kara, I got the idea from your Pintrest. So, thank you.

ivenad said...

did you put magnets in them? i bought some like that and LOVE THEM! Yours are super cute!

shopgirl said...

Ivenad: Thank you!
Magnets are a GREAT idea!
Or some sort of clothes pin in the tail? (coming out at where the feet should be.)
The other suggestion my Husband made was velco.
While they are wicked cute, at the end of the day, they sit on the floor. And that is not great.

Lindsay said...

I love these! The Easter Bunny just might have to make some of these for our baskets this year!

Susan J said...

Susi - could you make a mobile from these? Adorable!!! And Andy just said the other day that we need a mobile for Bode, for above his crib. You make the best stuff! Love catching up on your blog. I'm not as crafty as you....but might need to start doing more. Need a sewing machine first.