Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Challenge 2: Larger than life

This is week 2. The designers were tasked with creating a look for "the Marie Claire Woman" that would appear on a huge billboard in Times Square. They said "The Marie Clare woman is young, intelligent, professional, sexy & fashion forward." The designers had 18 hours to complete their look.

Here is my ensemble, and my accessories from the Piperlime wall:

I am sending an updated wrap silk blouse, paired with a black skirt down the runway. I added a small side slit for extra detail. The look is a little sexy, but not vulgar. (that’s what Michael Kors said) I picture this as a work outfit. For night, the blouse can be worn more off the shoulder. And the animal print shoe. What's not to like?
This is, I might add, very similar to what I wear on a daily basis. A stay at home Mom, in San Francisco, with a toddler, in the freezing cold drizzle...yep. It screams "me"!
Definitely go check out what Kat did too.

Hold on to your hats for next week. It's one of the kooky challenges. I think we go to the dime store, and, use what? Make outfits out of gum wrappers and sun screen bottles? We shall see!


kat said...

I think its interesting we both thought the same way as a work outfit nice enough to go out in. I love your top! Yeah, next week should be fun.

Lisa Paul said...

Yes, I can see you at the Noe Courts park playground in this. Very chic and it won't show the dog hairs and spit up avocado at all!

Liana said...

Susi, I'm so excited about this!! But I can't read your post until I catch up on episodes. I was away on the honeymoon when the new season began so I am totally out of the loop. What fun!!! And kudos on the craftzine shout-out!

Godzoned said...

This is a great challenge. Didn't think about following project runway in such a creative way!

I cannot join you as time is a bit tight here at the moment but Maybe next season?

I'll follow your blog with interest.