Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Challenge # 3: Party Store

This week we had to create an outfit that was made from things we found at the party store.
My challenge was to not make an ice capades costume.

This was a TOUGH one. I had a hard time in the work room.
But I will stand on the runway and defend my look.

The skirt is broken into two blocks of color, there is a green side and a white side. Then there is one green feather on the white side and one white feather on the green side.
(I think it would have come out much differently if the feathers were proportional, and not just "long". But I did not have enough feathers to cut them all down to 'size' and then arrange them into a skirt. Alas, here it is.)

The top is made from a deconstructed 'party blower'.

fitted bodice
Originally uploaded by craft room

There are wonderful darts in the bodice.

I made the hat as an accessory. It has been rejected by the house judges. : )

If this had been real life, I would have shown it to Tim and waited to see what he said. So I will submit it to you both with and without the hat, and see what you think.

The shoes are silver.

Clearly my gal Carrie is on her way to a playful evening party.
Be sure to see what this weeks winner created!


Lisa Paul said...

I'm saying lose the hat, but I'm loving the feathers and the repurposed party blower.

kat said...

The party blower as the top is just so wonderful! The judges love your sense of playfulness. The hat is definitely the most creative accessory on the runway! You made it work!

Kirby3131 said...

I'm living the party blower deconstructed - awesome! Well, I like the hat :)

Kristin - The Goat

tush said...

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