Thursday, August 26, 2010

Funny face

Funny face
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Some of our favorite people are on 24th street. We go to Bernies first, and get a decaf, and a madeline cookie. Then, two doors down, we go to "Just for Fun" and have a look at the toys, and the books, and the bin of balls, and say hi to the owners dogs.
Then, we go to the custom invitations section, and she runs over to see the Elmo invitation. She pulls the package down. She holds it, and points to it, and talks about it. She jumps and sings and then, climbs up on the couches, and makes herself at home, and discusses the invitations further.
Then she jumps down, squeals and waves 'bye bye', and we go off to the park up the street.


kat said...

Funny girl!

Mark said...

Wonderful photo and I love 24th St.