Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 5 challenge "There is no 'i' in Team"

Week 5 challenge:
Teams, collections.
We had to pick off a note board from a series of styles, and then fabrics that are ‘trending big for ‘10’. (like my PR language? "Trending" as a verb?)
I chose “50’s /feminine styles” and “lace”.
(I need to say that if I were doing this for human size people, that I would have picked “men’s style” and “camel”. This was the loosing team’s choice. But wow this could have been SUCH a winning combination. Think Burberry, who have built a whole brand around camel luxury. I would have used crisp white shirting, and camel cashmere. I would have done slacks and a long coat. Lovely. But, we are working with Barbies here. So I regrouped. My second choice would have been 50’s and tweed. But it is really hard to find Tweed in a scale that will look good on Barbie. Most of it is so big, that it will look like a couch on a small figure. We are learning as we go!)
So I picked ‘50’s style, and “lace" fabric.

The lace part caused some problems too, because it is very hard to find lace in a small scale. For this challenge, I found lace trim that was smaller than the pattern on the bolts.

The skirt is a full circle skirt. But it is updated with a little splash of color out the side. 50's dresses were often layers of fabric and texture, so I tried to play that up. The lace is layered over a smoke gray for the top.
And then the waist is sheer wine pleating.

I paired the look with a simple wine colored shoe; slightly 50's, but updated.
I'll defend the look on the runway later.
(It was a hard week in the work room. I didn't melt down, like Cassinova, but we had a number of 'challenges' this week. Hopefully Heidi will say "Susi, you are safe, you can leave the runway" )

Be sure to check out Kat's amazing "military" look. She and her whole team did a great job!


kat said...

I know what you mean, I would have loved to do a jacket but was too intimidated by the sewing that size. Though I have to say when I look back at challenge 1 to now we are getting better.

I love your look. It is stunning & looks like it could be in a line with your last look. We are seeing your point of view as a designer here....

Lisa Paul said...

Heidi called me and told me to tell you: "You are safe. You may leave the runway."

Amelia could do a better Diva Meltdown than Casinova.

kate skogen said...

ooh, i love it! love the wine color & wine shoe, too