Monday, September 6, 2010

Work Room Drama

Sad Shorts
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There are some SAD attempts going on in the work room. I am using some bad silver polyester that I found. And when we say 'it is hard to sew with' - holy COW. This stuff just frays before your very eyes. It is going to be hard to work in a 1/2 inch seam allowance into a barbie outfit.

I was trying to do shorts. That CLEARLY did not work out well.

Then I thought I would so some high wasted pants.

That was worse.
This little 'game' we are playing is not for the faint of heart!
I have to go "make it work" !!


Samantha said...

I am SERIOUSLY enjoying Barbie's bandeau top and turban-hair-wrap business though. You'll get the shorts/pants thing right. I KNOW it.

IlsaSheWolf said...

The turban makes her look like Little Edie. Work the Grey Gardens angle!

shopgirl said...

Oh, you lovely women!
the turban "Aunt Jemmima" is just to keep her horror show hair down. And the bandeau is just so she is not topless in the pictures!
I defy ANYONE to turn those elements into a "look"!
We have some very bad 'crazy crotch' going on in both looks. Micheal Kors won't even wait for the scoring, he will just hiss me off the runway right now.

kat said...

oh man this is the issue I was having last week with the gold top! Make it work!