Friday, September 10, 2010

Mail Bag Madness

We have one income right now. My purchases are modest, bordering on austere. But somehow, I got on the mailing list for some luxury childrens' catalogs. They are exaggerated and over the top to say the least. But when you consider my budget and my aesthetic, they become even funnier.

This company is offering "voo doo" "bone collector" costumes for the whole family.

Clearly, they missed the memo. My Mom helped to make our Halloween visions come true every year, by hand. To me, Homemade Halloween is one of the biggest pleasures I have as a parent. Call me 'old skool' but fake fur, felt, and fairy tale princesses are just as close to heaven as you can get! and they have a holiday to celebrate that! A crafting Holiday! Hooray! Do we really need "sexy bone collector" "Mommy" costume? I don't think so. But if I get the urge, I am sure I can make it for less than $128.00.
(Did Bone Collector Mommy marry Crocodile Dundee? I'm just wondering.)


kat said...

Those are just awful! I hope they sell the dog one too. What will Miss A be this year?

King Dufus said...

As a backstage/scene shop/master carpenter guy I liked building elaborate costumes. My favorite was a dinosaur costume I made out of foam rubber.