Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jackie O Classic American Sportswear

Week 8 brought us to "Classic American Sportswear". (What is that? Tennis outfits? Does this just mean 'Friday casual?' Or "clothes that you buy at Macy's", This is a term that the Fashion world has defined to suit them.)

I will tell you I hit a wall this week. Fabrics do not 'scale down' or drape the way they would on a full size adult. I made several outfits. I originally thought of a trench coat. But that became out of the question. Too many little sewing details that would not be practical in miniature. Sleeves are problematic at best. I believe all future looks will be halter or strapless/sleeveless. Knitwear is easier to work with. MUCH easier. "crisp white cotton" is out of the question.

I made a khaki green top with a modified shawl collar. (and SLEEVES!) And paired this with black pants.

On the show, the challenge was presented as: one day to make a sportswear outfit. And then, they were surprised by the addition of an outer wear piece, and given another day.

I used this "leather" to make a long vest, with an Asian influence in the shoulders and the collar.

In the end, it was fun, and the look is much different than the others in my collection.

Be sure to go and check out what Kat sent to the runway. Regal! Well done!


kat said...

Yeah, this one was a real toughie. I agree American sportswear is really a vague concept (thought unlike some of the designers on the show I know its not a cocktail dress!) I love the top you made & would buy it myself if I saw it in Macy's! Your outerwear was very inspired. I know what you mean by the little details...I think barbie clothes really just have a lot of things glued on for the details!

Manisha said...

So cute! I've been following both you and Kat during this project. Everyweek I look forward to seeing what new outfit you will create!