Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You could totally wear that again!

Week 6: “You can totally wear that again”
Bride’s Maids challenge
On the show, the models were real women, wearing their bridesmaids dresses.
For the at home challenge, the interpretation that I used was to get some ‘hard to use’ polyester, in one of the colors that was shown.
For my dress, I choose a silver thick polyester.
And holy SMOKES it was a beast from the get-go.
I hear the designers talk about how hard some fabric is to work with, and I have not had a lot of sympathy. Until now.
This fabric would unravel if you looked at it wrong. I took it, in the work room and literally BATHED it in ‘fray check’. I will tell you right now, that stuff does not work THAT well. If I were actually making this dress, I would need to burn the seams, to make sure that did not unravel.

(let me just say, don’t look too closely at the back. I do have better construction techniques than that. If I put this dress over her head for one more fitting, and adjustment, I would have just had to wrap the last shreds of fiber around her like a tumble weed. Michael Kors may call me out on ‘construction issues’. So be it.)
After several ‘unfortunate’ pants trials, I did modified boat neck dress, slightly off the shoulder.

I turned the silver inside out, so it is still silver, but it reads much more ‘gray with a sheen’.
I trimmed the piece with a black piping (that would have been much smaller if this were life size. But hey, how much smaller can you make ‘barbie piping’)
And I put a silver shoe with this.

Kat is out on a book tour in Europe this week. So we are down one designer on the runway. The show’s producers have made exceptions (just to keep talent like hers on the show.) So we will see her designs when she returns. !!


Lisa Paul said...

Gretchen and Ivy are going to be snarking about your lack of "construction skills". But I think Michael Kors will defend you.

LadybugSF said...

This is so great. We met today at Peapod, and I actually remembered to look up you blog! Imagine! Love it. :)

kat said...

I love the neckline & the back & hate hate hate those fabrics to use. I felt the same issues with my last top.