Thursday, September 8, 2011

NYC Day Two

To review, I got on a plane Thursday night at 10:30, landed in the city 6:50am Friday, and stayed up until 12:30 am Saturday 'morning'. There were 2.5 hours of 'sleep' on the plane, and a 35 minute disco nap in the afternoon.

I am not as young as I used to be. Wha ha.
I went to bed, and did not move until 9am the next day. I slept like a ROCK.

Saturday, we headed to the Garment District.
This was a day devoted to Project Project Runway. We went to Parson's New School for a photo op, and then to Mood. (for all delicious details, go to Just Crafty Enough)

Then we headed to the Chelsea Market.
Chelsea Market
I had never been there, and the place blew me away.
Chelsea Market, NY
The mix of reclaimed industrial, and functioning market place was amazing.
(to go on a virtual trip there, visit the Flickr group.)
We went outside to see the 'new' High Line.
This place was unbelievable. The landscaping, and the thoughtful space planning was so 'outside the box' that it was refreshing. The architecture all around is wonderful, and the perspective of being up off the street, and seeing the city from just two stories up is completely different.

Saturday night, we had Greek food all together. And then we went to Wicked. I know, it is not the newest show to open, but I had not seen it. And I was properly impressed. The costumes were stellar.

The energy in Time Square is contagious.

After the show,
we made our way back to our apartment. How lucky are we? We stayed in the penthouse apartment on the Upper East side. I enjoyed a glass of wine on the terrace. And then, it was time to crash into bed.

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