Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Race to the Finish: Week 9

Our Challenge this week was to do a haute couture look, and then – surprise - a companion Ready-to-wear look. (is anyone surprised anymore? Designers, when you get selected for PR, go watch all the past seasons. The fans are not surprised.)

L’oreal eye shadows provided the inspiration for the fabric/color choices. My looks were based on the “velvet” pallet, because of the colors and the finish of the duos, not because I literally used velvet fabric. (this part got a little murky on the show – no? )

For the Couture look, I was channeling Rami, and attempted some draping. The skirt has a kind of textured velvet top, and raw silk bottom. (I have to say here, that I have been gifted some high high end fabric samples from a friend who knows about our project. They are discontinued, and they come in 5 or 8 inch swatches. Sometimes that is just enough, and sometimes, they throw an interesting element into the challenge. But they are such beautiful fabrics. And they are repurposed, and that makes me excited. )

This week I was buoyed by our floods of new visitors, and media attention, and really put in an effort. I wanted this week’s outfits to be able to be worn again. So I did not sew or glue or pin Barbie into her outfit. !!! I really embraced my model, and her structural limitations. Instead of being annoyed by her wild proportions. I attached Velcro closures in the back, just like the original outfit that Barbie came in. I don’t think the dresses will hold up to hard core ‘play time’ but they were gracefully removed, and are going in the back of the work room. Yeah!

Here is my funny little joke:

It doesn't really add to the look, does it? Nope.

My RTW look is also silk, and has an added color block element. I thought about flowers. Or Trim. Or other embellishments… but they really only ruined the simplicity of the dress, and pulled attention from the brown plaid. I thought the fabric itself was enough. I showed this with a low brown shoe.

It is simple, but stylish. And hey, didn’t we see some simple things on the runway for the companion look?

Kat’s entries this week are stunning. Really amazing craftsmanship is on display here. And her hand work elevates the look to truly ‘couture’ in the strictest sense! Lovely.

Remember at the start of the season when it was 103 in NY and everyone was melting? That is our weather here now. (Tim was melting)
It is normally 60 and misting, and this week we have had some crazy dry heat! Welcome to our San Francisco Summer.

Here is an out take from the photo shoot. Enjoy.
Two tall skinny beautiful models.

Have a great week. See you in the work room for the Fabric Challenge.

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kat said...

I love your color palette & the draping on the skirt! Bravo for making an outfit that can be used again...these dolls proportions make that so hard to do!