Friday, July 30, 2010

Project: project runway

Kat and I have set out to play a little game. We are skipping the audition phase, and going right to prime time. Cut to the WORK ROOM. Project Project Runway. We will follow along at home and do the challenges that they do on the show. But we will do them with dolls.

Challenge 1: Sew It Begins
Challenge: Create an outfit using an item of clothing that came with your doll. You can use other fabric in your outfit but that piece of clothing must be distinguishable in your final garment.
Feel free to show what accessories you would use from Piperlime
Time: You have 5 hours to make your outfit.
Post Date: Wednesday, August 4 (Workroom photos can be posted before that date)

On show #1, the models were randomly assigned to the contestants.

The selection at the local target was not vast, so I was almost 'assigned' this doll. (This is the first Barbie I have ever owned! )

Time to get to work on the outfit.
I'm off to Mood!


Lisa Paul said...

Don't bring a Barbie into the house with Little A. It will start a crack-like addiction.

kat said...

Oh, you have a much better bathing suit to work with than I had thought (not sure why I though Barbie still came in a modest one piece). Does she have a model name yet?