Friday, July 23, 2010

progress post - a quilt is born

Inspired by the Chirp Chirp quilt, I set out to make something that was a little bit more contemporary. And I stridently avoided the math and worrisome perfection of sewing multiple identical squares. (that leaves the hairs on the back of my neck bristling! Fear. I cannot set out to do something, and not know until the end that, oh, its not going to work because you are 5 inches bigger at the bottom.) (I had a baby, for crying out loud, I am five inches bigger on the bottom!)

My requirements became the following:
It needs to work out.
It cannot demand perfection.
It needs to have a purpose. I have the GREAT good fortune in my life of having more than one crib quilt showered upon me at the birth of my daughter. !!! So the idea of yet another one, competing with the amazing, generous LOVE that has already been shown to her/us seemed ‘wrong’.

Even though the smart choice would be to do a small project first, that is 'crib size', and I would like to have this quilt last a little longer than "crib". I decided to go “lap size”. And I looked around for what that meant formally. I found several different dimensions, and that suited me just fine, because then what ever size this comes out, that is “lap size”.

We have a niece in England. She was the long awaited girl baby, born to a family with 3 older brothers! So I decided the quilt would be for her. She just turned a year, so it will be her belated first birthday gift. It has made it all the more fun to ‘talk to her’ and think of her while I work on it.


Samantha said...

I love the colors!

Uncle Roger said...

Great story. Interesting quilt. I bet it really has some math in it. Glad to have the blog back.

kat said...

Love the quilt especially those appliqued circles! I've been doing lap-sized myself because it is easy to make the back though my current project one is 60" x 60" thinking of cheating & using a sheet for the back. By they way I have no issues commenting on your blog.