Monday, March 26, 2007

A little bag

This is a little bag.
But if you have even been to Britex, you will know the joy that this could hold. This bag catches my breath. And holds limitless potential. It congers up dreams, visions, and color expeditions.

And a bag this small could only come from the 3rd floor. Buttons and Ribbons and Bridal. Ahh.

In fact, I was there looking for some lovely ribbon to make some belts. Not only do they have the ribbon, but of course they have, all the trimmings too. I wanted some simple d-rings, and was steered over close to them. But the buckles were all lined up there, and the little rings just paled. They looked like "hardware". I picked some 'shell' buckles, and an interesting green one.
the ribbons are fantastic. And while, yes, they may be expensive... they are reversible! So does that make them worth twice as much?

When they put them all in the bag, and added everything up, it was heart stopping. They should issue warnings at the door. Or at least have bouncers in front of the elevator.


Risa said...

Oh my! That place can be so overwhelming. It's extra dangerous for me, since it's walking distance from my office. I can just pop over during lunch. Yikes.
Love the belts!

kat said...

oh how pretty, bet you can guess which one i'm a sucker for...