Sunday, March 4, 2007

I'm done!... or am I?

Ahhh, the cable sweater.
So I garter stitched until my fingers bled, and I finished the final panel! (final panel on the FRONT side. I still have sleeves, and a collar and a WHOLE back, which is the same as the front!) Victory on the first third.
I read the next instruction, and was confused. I looked carefully at the piece. (Can you see it???) There are 7 stitches more on one side than there are on the other side.

This sweater is constructed with one section knit (horizontally) and then the next section is picked up, and knit (vertically). So, to fix the issue, I have to knit cast-on seven stitches and work the vertical section, and then pull back the cast-off sections, add more yarn, and figure out the cable piece.

Now, back to the garter stitch panel.


kat said...

oh no...this sweater is definitely a piece of work!

Marisol said...

Oh Dear! Looks like a challenge! Pretty colors too:)

Hey I stopped by the store and picked up 20 skeins of Nature and Araucania Cotton for my first afghan:)