Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Knitted Icons

A clever little book came out recently: Knitted Icons
It just tickles me.
First you knit a basic "stick man" form, and then, they have oh so cleverly given options to dress or decorate the dolls to resemble Icons.

I am working on the doll form right now.

I did make some changes. The pattern calls for wool cotton. that would involve knitting on TINY needles. So I moved up a little to Cascade 220. I'm basically doing the same number of stitches the pattern calls for, so my Icon will be bigger.
More importantly, the pattern calls for you to knit about 64 different pieces and sew them together. I don't mind seaming, but there is a limit to what I will do. So I have done several pieces together, and done them in the round on double points. (for instance the head and body were supposed to be "front & back" and then joined together, and then stuffed, and THEN joined to each other. That is about 8 seams too many right off the bat!)
We are all having fun thinking of icons of our own.
Who would YOU like to see?


Kara said...

Knitted Bowie makes me giggle.

kat said...

I'm think audrey hepburn, circa breakfast at tiffany's, all black sheath, hat, sunglasses & pearls