Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A million surprises

Pregnancy is a million surprises. Some are silly, some are funny, some are miraculous, and some will just be tolerated.

One of the daily adventures is getting dressed in the morning. My shape seems to expand (and sometimes contract) daily. My work wardrobe has been thinned out to the point of extinction. You hear women say "oh, I don't need that much". "Oh, I stretched things so that they would work out"... I have ridden past those days. (I think I had about 3 of them). So over the weekend, I had a shopping excursion. I needed pants to wear to work. Getting dressed in the morning cannot become a full scale self-reflection every single day. And every night cannot be laundry night.
I went to a well known maternity store, and tried on every pair of pants they had.

In the world of maternity pants, let's boil it down to two types: low rise or full panel. The idea is either go under the belly, or go all the way up and over. Of the two, I found out I fall into the "up and over" category. This point was driven home at about 3 pm the other day when the black covered inner tube tire on the new "low rise" pants threatened to cut me in half.

Let's look for a moment at NON maternity clothes first:
The lovely Keira in her low-rise.

And then, there are the traditional, old school Levis.

I am old school.
So, really the translation to maternity pants will come as no shock.
Low rise:


And then:

Yep, I am old school.
I came away with 4 pairs of "secret fit belly" and one pair of stretch velvet pants! Yum.

Next we'll tackle the shirts.


Dani Pace said...

I prefer the over the belly pants too. By the end of my pregnancy, my belly is too big for the under the belly pants to stay up.

Kara said...

I have no experience with such things, but I would think that up and over is the way to go. There I times I wish I had that option on my "I feel so bloated" days.