Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Challenge 4: Coffee

Challenge 4: Coffee Cozy.
Here it is, two years later, and I have just now gone back half caff. HALF caff! I'll be back to 'coffee' by the time the little angel goes to High School.
That said, I do love coffee, and our coffee shop in particular.
Bernie's is on 24th Street in Noe Valley. I have known Bernie herself for years now, and she is a fire cracker, a sharp business woman, and a great gal.
Plus, she and little A have a bond.
Kiss to Bernie
Since "Jambi" has known what's good for her, she has loved Bernie.
With Bernie
(I have a whole set of pictures chronicling their love. But I'll stop there. )

The amount of paper that is in all of our lives is just obscene. The cardboard coffee cozies have long jumped out at me as a 'waste'. So I wanted to create something a little bit less 'disposable' for this challenge.
I have a felt obsession.
I also have a ribbon collection.
So I married the two.

Gray and chocolate brown with the 'cutlery' ribbon.

And I know someone else has a piece of this ribbon in their collection as well! But I'm not naming names.

And then the fabulous pear ribbon on deep green.
I love the tiny green detail on the edge.


I started to quilt a tiny quilt cozy. But life got in the way of that. Toddler, dinner plans, a visit from my brother... all lovely distractions.
I cannot WAIT to see what you all did.
Happy Wednesday to all of you.


kat said...

Oh I am hoarding that ribbon for the perfect project!

Anonymous said...
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Manisha said...

I especially love the pear ribbon! I'm still on decaf because I'm nursing my little one. Glad to read your comments on halfcaf. I hadn't thought of that but that's still another year down the road for me.

qlc said...

I had been thinking about this concept for over a year! Love it!