Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Croc votives

Croc votives
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For the first Iron Craft Challenge we are bringing light into the house.
The open ended nature of this assignment has been wonderful. And I have laughed at some of the interpretations that came to my mind.
Does this mean I should take a picture of the scale, as a "before" shot?
Can I document all the bags going off to Goodwill? The house will certainly be "lighter" after that.
I have finished my actual project.
Here is an out take from the photo shoot. The real answer to 'more light in the house' is the little beast that wears these mini shoes. She is the light in every room. Even when she sleeps.
(Gushing over. )


timetravelingcook said...

At least she sleeps.

shopgirl said...

ha ha ha!
At least 4 hours every night!