Saturday, April 16, 2011

reuse recycle renew Peeps

After the Peeps diorama was done, I had a lot of Peeps left over.
There seem to be two camps of people, those who love Peeps, and cannot have them in their house. And those who would not touch them. I am in the second camp. They are just way way too sweet for me.
But I thought I should do something with all of these left overs rather than put them in the trash. So I found a recipe for Rice Crispy Treats that was even a little bit healthy. The cook book Deceptively Delicious suggests brown rice puffs, and adding a little bit of flax seed. So I thought I would give it a try.
Here are the Peeps melting.
Kind of amusing, and disturbing at the same time.
I melted all the Peeps, and added the flax and the brown rice, and popped them into a Pyrex. Already, I could smell something was wrong. It was not unpleasant, but it smelled more like cotton candy than marshmallow.
I tasted a little piece, and, sure enough, it was just SO SWEET. It would be like walking into the coffee shop and just taking a hit off the sugar dispenser at the condiment station. They were inedible. Everyone in the house thought so. !!!
There was a funny time, when everything was melted, and I stirred, and two eyes came to the surface.
two eyes left
That is just not right!
I think I will try the recipe again, but do it with regular marshmallows.
And I do love the book. Man, you can get vegetables in ANYTHING!


kat said...

all that extra sugar on the outside of them, just too much!

Beth W. said...

I LOVE Peeps, so I don't let them in the house, because they're so not good for me. I love the crunchy sugar on the outside, the soft gooey sugar inside.

Manisha said...

Those eyes were creepy hilarious!