Thursday, April 21, 2011

Messy Art Revival

Up until now, the painting has been very restrained.
happy painter
While her friends dive in head first, and rub paint on everything, Jambi just uses a brush. She does not want the paint on her hands. She does not want food on her hands. (or her face) She will wipe her hands on my pants if no rag is offered.
hand print
That is, until last week.
We went to a local art space for kids, and she went to TOWN!
Starting with holding chalk
Then we used a paint brush, with abandon
Then we just WENT FOR IT!
Then onto the 'green era'
Here she is, calling out "Are you getting a load of THIS?"
We came home with paint in our HAIR! Paint up the back of our neck. Paint in odd patches on our shirt. (And when I say "our", I do mean "our". I had it all over me too.)
And, I say, FABULOUS!
After all, Jackson Pollock didn't come to our house. I didn't have to hose the floor down like a stadium after a big game.
Maria Von Trapp believes that children need play clothes that they can get dirty. And we respect Maria as the parenting expert that she clearly is.
So, messy it up! We will go back next week!


Samantha said...

Oh she is so so so gorgeous! The fun the fun!

kat said...

She looks like she is loving every minute of it!

Lisa Paul said...

Remember when Farrah Fawcett got into "Art" and used to cover her naked body with paint and throw herself against giant canvases? I guess you don't want to go there...