Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge 16 Card Holder

For this money challenge I made a Card Holder for my purse.
I have so many cards, insurance cards, library cards, store cards, etc.
I had them in a zip lock bag in my purse and they were being flung around a bit too much.
I found this tutorial on line:
Nancy's Couture

I appreciated having the measurements all done, so I set out to follow her instructions.
There were a few little missteps in the directions. And some of the photos are shown near descriptions of things that were not pictured. But, I carried on, and it turned out great.
Orange holder
I used scraps from my first quilt.
card holder inside
Now, I will come clean. I did this one a few weeks ago.
So, just to honor the rules that the Olymic committee set out, I did one this week too.
Tan and Cranberry model
I used fabric in a different color family. It worked out well.
garden pattern holder
(But I have to say, I like my bright one better.)


kat said...

I like the fabrics in the first one better too but they are both great. I so need one of these as all my cards are making my wallet about 2 inches thicker than it needs to be

Jenny K said...

That turned out great. May have to try and make one. Like Kathy I have way too many cards in my wallet and I spend forever looking for the right one.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I love the colors. I think I need to make one, or three. They'd make great Mother's Day gifts.

Anonymous said...

i like this!

Susan J said...

LOVE the colors of the first one! How handy! OK, Susi, when are you going to be avail for commissions?