Monday, January 15, 2007

All Yarn All Weekend

I went to San Diego for the National Needle Arts show.
The weekend was complete blur of inspiration.
One of the highlights of the weekend (highlights of the year?) was a color class with Brandon Mabry. It really stretched my perspective about using color.

The assignment was to take a postcard of an image in art, and translate the image into knitting. Almost like painting with yarn. The way that the pieces looked in our hands, and the way they looked on a board, or farther away was amazingly different.

Brandon himself was charming. He used different language when he talked about color; a combination was "cheeky", or "juicey". By describing the palate and the composition with rich words, it brought things into a different light. I will strive to use color more bravely, and talk about it with words that are more specific.
Now THAT is a new year's resolution.

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kat said...

oh look at swwet brandon...what a doll!