Sunday, January 7, 2007

Country Roads

Look at this beautiful little lane. How very peaceful and quiet it must be.

Did I arrange for a little vacation? Did I get out into the country of the day?
Part of every New Year's Resolution is "exercise more". Check. I got my body up and went on a walk! I met a friend for coffee over the hill. This "street", this dirt road, is right in San Francisco. I cannot decide if this is absolutly charming, or if it is a horrifying oversite of the city officials. For now, I will just celebrate the fact that I walked anywhere. And the fact that lovely big mature trees are within spittin' distance of my house. What a tremendous change in scenery.

1 comment:

Marisol said...

Humm.... Where is this? I don't think I have ever come across this road.... Bernal Heights perhaps?

You always manage to find really interesting things around the city! Good eye!