Tuesday, January 2, 2007


I have been in a fantasy football league for two years now. It's participants are all people in my family, including my dear nephew. Unlike some 'tough' leagues, this one is g-rated. All comments and smack talk were appropriate for an eleven year old. These special men are all in Virginia, so it's a cross country affair. It has been such a good excuse to talk to my brother more regularly. The conversations always start with "what is going to happen next week?" or "good game!" And then we get to more meaty things like work and family... All of these men are crazy smart, and stat-heads, so I am WORKING to keep up.

The league just ended the season, and I would like to share the results with you. Look who took first place! ( What luck really, and a whole lot of fancy last-minute trading!)
Happy New Year!

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kat said...

wow...rock on knitter!