Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New year disaster, averted

I've been working on the Cable Sweater. Insert the "Holidays" and all that comes with them. Things actually swirling around in warp drive. I went shopping on New Year's Eve, for a few more things. And I ran into a friend of mine at the grocery store. About an hour after I got home my friend called me. She found a knitting project IN THE STREET, outside of the market. She figured it was mine, and if it wasn't she planned to take it to the store, and see if anyone claimed it. Yes, it was my cable sweater! It had fallen out of my bag!! Holy Buffalo! My beloved Cable Sweater spent time on the street! My beloved Cable Sweater was almost lost forever! Boy oh boy, I tell you what. I am ZIPPING my bags closed now!

1 comment:

Risa said...

Oh my gosh!!! That was so lucky!It's a good thing you know so many people :)