Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ivory Ab. Fab. Kit

I'm 9 rows from finishing.
This is the Absolutely Fabulous Throw Kit from Colinette in Ivory. The textures are beautiful.
It's knit on a size 11 US.
I will be fringing until my fingers bleed.
It cracks me up when we shorten the name of this project to "Ab Fab" because of the reference to the Brit Com of the same name. This elegant blanket is so subtle and understated, and hand made, and 'real'. Such a contrast to the botox, hair spray, world of "instant coffee" and "make believe with Eddy, Saphie, Patsy... and the rest of the gang.


Alexa said...

Every time I tell friends that I want the Ab Fab kit (which is often), they look at my stomach like I'm insane. And then I laugh.

kat said...

its the first time i've seen it in white, it looks well fabulous