Monday, August 6, 2007

A new nephew

We have a new nephew in England. Yeah! They have 3 boys now! (It seems that if any one of our siblings and their spouses LOOK at each other, they have a child. We are STARING at each other. We'll let you know)

I made little embroidered onesies for the "new" one. It is quite something to attempt embroidery with a sewing machine, but I had fun. I like the texture, and the kind of "rough" approximation that it gave.

Then I did hoodie towels for all three boys. Those work up in a snap.

Off they go, with love, in a box.


kat said...

oh all fabulous! you did the embroidery on your machine? it looks really good, i'm afraid my $99 machine is just not up to that...

Anita O said...

Those are the cutest onesies ever! And I really like the idea of hooded towels...hmmm need to make some myself.

Samantha Earl said...

Those onesies are super cute! And the hoodie towels are so useful!

schoolyardknits said...

This are adorable!

I started my blog today. You should be very proud of me. =)