Monday, August 20, 2007

Television Review

Ahh, the boxed set of Pride and Prejudice. How wonderful.
I have NO love for daytime television. I have never understood the appeal of the soap opera. The concept of taking one story and dragging it out over 30 days just sends a shiver down my spine.

I do want to share my "top picks" for what to watch when you are recovering, and forced to stay low.

First, obscene amounts of Jane Austin. I suggest a comparison of all Jane Austin works. First, watch the BBC version, then watch the Hollywood version of the same tale. Then, call you mother, and discuss all the characters. Decide which Charlotte was better, which Jane was better, and who wins for costume and set designs?

Burn Notice. The new "intelligence/spy" show, set in Miami. Now, don't be confused, I did not say "intelligent".

My favorite from the BBC is "How Clean is Your House?" Now, this show is not for 'meal time' viewing. The two English women (and their armies) go in and shovel junk out of houses. They analyze the bugs they find in the carpet, and the bacteria they find on the counter, and they tell the owners of these hovels just how dangerous their living conditions have become.
They make such a flurry out of cleaning though, that it almost looks like fun! I am going to decorate a pair of gloves with feathers, and ribbons! And it makes you look around your own home and instinctively pick up a duster!

And finally have you seen "Flipping Out". Whew. The latest addition to the family of home make over reality shows. The spin on this one is that it is high stakes. Jeff, the OCD host is flipping property in the 1-4 million dollar range. His antics and tirades and compulsions are almost as large as the homes themselves. It is amazing.


Kniterella said...

A good friend just loaned me Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly and Donald Sutherland - I will watch it again! I think they stuck to the original story line pretty well and I love the scene where Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy dance together!!!

Samantha Earl said...

Aaah, Colin Firth. Deeee-licious.