Monday, February 28, 2011

Choices in the work room

Each week, when the challenges are posted, I get stuck for a few days in the 'idea' phase.
The trick is not thinking of something to do. For me, the trick is figuring out what to do in the time allotted!
This week, we are working with a "movie challenge". I love the saturated colors and the feel of the Nanny McPhee movies. (yes, I do)
There are beautiful hand knit pieces scattered throughout the movie.
In one scene, they showcase some Fair Isle love:

Maggie Gyllenhaal has this vest on for a long portion of the movie:

And one snazzy talented knitter has written the pattern for the sweater:

So, I'll just cast that on, and get that ready for the Wednesday deadline. Sure.
I mean, she already did all the 'heavy lifting' by writing the pattern, right? All I have to do is knit it! (and, of course, find the awesome flowered dress and cute belt that all mix & match to make this cute outfit.)

The other option was to make a butterfly quilt.
Because this, also, is so realistic given our time frames.

It's a crib quilt, for heaven's sake. Not a Cal King!

What to do?
First, I consult Kat, and she gently reminds me of reality. She takes my inspirations, and tries to help me scale a little bit down.
She's very good at that! Excellent "project manager" strategic thinking, applied to craft.
And in the end, here is where I am going:
Summer Holiday

My husband introduced me to Cliff Richard, and his wild 1963 musical romp. The mere words "summer holiday" will put that song in my head for the day.
I'm excited about my project. But, man, just THINK what I could have done if we had a MONTH!
Stay tuned for Wednesday!

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kat said...

I don't think I've ever seen this. We Americans don't really get Cliff Richard do we? Can't wait to see what you do.