Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For this week, the challenge is actually a contest, so I will admit to you, I considered skipping it. (I am co-host of the challenge, and I'm not in the running for a prize.)
Then, I was struck by inspiration!
I found a new (to me) jacket at a consignment store. I love the colors, and it fits well. It is the perfect weight for San Francisco. It does have a strange texture. It is like those hotel blankets with a sponge foam layer inside of them. I am a little preoccupied by neoprene like consistency.
I decided to make it feel a little less like a hunting jacket, I would line the hood in a beautiful fabric. Cut to me, searching, hip deep in my stash. I found a perfect piece of Anna Maria Horner fabric!

And voila!

I used a fabric pen, and traced around the hood.
Then cut the piece out,

and sewed up the back seam.
Then, I hand stitched the lining into the hood at the neck, and around the face.
lined hood
I am so pleased with how this turned out. It gives a lovely surprise pop of color in the back.
self, and hoodie
While, I have to say, I was actually in shorts for more than one day last week when I was making this, I am still very sure I will be using it in months when the rest of the country is bragging about their weather.
Stay warm.

Happy Crafting!

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