Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In defense of the buggy bagg

There are these fabric covers made for the top of grocery carts. Who ever needed one of those? I poo-pooed them. Another contraption to sucker money out of new parents.
And then …I was given one by my sister-in-law. We came back from vacation, and A was able to hold herself up more than she ever had before. She could almost sit up on her own. So, rather than take her shopping in the car seat, we road tested this buggy bag. First of all, mine is pink toile inside and hot pink outside. What could be better? And then, put A in the middle of that, and it’s like adding whip cream to the top of a sundae. It is perfect.
This thing can be washed. And it covers the whole area that she sits in. There is even an extra pillow so I can wedge her in there for added security. I can’t speak to the grocery stores that you shop in, but I can tell you I would not lick the handle of the shopping cart in any of our markets. And I was not excited about A licking them either. We have now made that activity impossible. She can wrap her little mouth around the toys we have added to the toile pouch. Or she can lick the fabric all day long.
So there you go. Scurry out and get one, if you have kids at an age where they will lick the shopping cart. It will be the best purchase you ever made. (for the next ten minutes, until they out grow it, and then we'll figure out the next "can't live without it" product)

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