Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Work Room Sketches

The challenge is to create your own fabric print, based on personal inspiration.

work room photos

When my little brother got married (20 years ago. No kidding. 20 years ago!) my parents hosted the rehearsal dinner. It was a lovely affair, in Williamsburg. There were riotous bunches of Zinneas at each table. I came in and saw them and exclaimed to my Mom how beautiful they were. I said "they look just like your garden! Just like you picked them yourself! How great Mom!" And she said matter of factly "I did. Those are from the garden." !!! Of course they were. Mom had brought a piece of home to the whole affair. It was wonderful.
And that is my personal inspiration. If I could find a picture from the wedding, that is what would be on my HP touch. Wonderful, warm happy memories. My Mom, and her glorious garden.

I got a present this morning. My friend was shopping for airplane activities for her toddler, and she found something she thought I would like.
runway Sticker Activity Book
The Project Runway Sticker Activity book!!!! Is that the greatest thing you have ever seen?
"Dare to Design" is says on the cover! Oh, I dared alright!
It includes stickers. How lucky am I?

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kat said...

Can't wait to see the whole finished outfit. The color choices are very Susi to me