Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 10: "There's a Pattern Here" Fabric Challenge

Week 10
“There’s a pattern here”
This week, our challenge was to create our own fabric pattern.
That. Is. Hard.
I love fabric, and I tool around on the internet and look at some of the clever pattern designers our there. I have never looked at, say, Amy Butler’s site and said “Oh, huh, I could do that!”
what ever I was moved to try would need to be scaled down accordingly.
The inspiration for my fabric was my Mom’s garden, and specifically, zinneas.

I drew on a white shirting fabric. The pattern is pretty true to the sketch.
I paired the look with hot magenta cigarette pants.
And then, I heard Nina yawn. “It’s wearable, but not memorable.”
Tim said “be sure to “wow” the judges.
So I dared to add a piece to the look. And, I literally “made my own fabric”. I knit a sweater.
I didn’t want to hear that the sweater was boring, so it is a cropped top, with kimono inspired sleeves. The funny thing is that all of Barbie’s proportions are exaggerated in the first place, so when you start to play with that, the results are humorous. Or “high fashion”

Here is a runway knitwear look illustrates the point, for your viewing pleasure.

They played with scale here. (understatement.) (this is a picture from the Stella McCartney collection.)

I’m pleased with my look.
Sweater binding
I feel like this one is really a ‘runway look’ and not ‘ready to wear’ (at least the sweater part)

Be sure to look at what Kat did. Super sophisticated, as ever. There is some serious small-scale sewing going on there! Impressive.

I can’t wait to watch tonight! A “cheating scandal”! And someone is asked to leave!
Quelle Horror!
Never mind the drama - what challenge will they throw out there next?


kat said...

Darling that sweater just took that to the next level & I can not get over your fabric pattern, so good!

Coco said...

Hai, how are you? i always like to read your blog post.


Lisa Paul said...

Your look isn't just "runway". Little A could totally strut that on the Baby Runway -- to a soundtrack of the Wiggles.

If you need more help designing fabric, you can draw inspiration from a certain small winery in Sonoma. We'll splash on a little Grenache, burn some holes with Sulfite and top it off with green stains from grape stems.