Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suzology! A retrospective.

The days leading up to the runway show, Tom and Lorenzo do a retrospective on the designer's work, and give a little synopsis of the style and the trends that they see.

Here, I will offer you my "Susology".

What a fun game we have played. !!
I learned a lot about how to sew for a barbie. And I've met some great people along the way.
Did you see the "Katology"? What an amazing collection she has produced! It is very sleek and 'city smart'. Kat really focused in on the details and the styling. Her photo shoots were relevant, and her outfits were well accessorized. Great job Kathy! I knew you would make it to the finale with me!

Making a 10 piece final collection was, sadly, out of the question for us, so we decided for the final show, we would make one "show stopping" look. The last look to go down the runway.
We'll be posting those looks later today! Stay tuned!

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kat said...

I am just so proud of us! 1. We got through all 13 weeks of this despite traveling, toddlers & funerals. 2. We really created some great outfits! See to at Fashion Week!