Friday, October 1, 2010

Watching Project Runway with the Contestants

Last night was a big hairy deal.
Big. Hairy. Deal.

On our excursions on 24th St, Amelia ‘introduces herself’ to lots of people. One of our great friends is Bobby, who works at the gift/toy/card shop. We got to talking about PR one day, and he said he watches every week at ‘the bar’, and this whole glorious story unfolded from there.

I went to go watch Project Runway at the Lone Star Bar. Jay-Jay, the owner of the bar is Christopher Collins partner. So Christopher, and his friends and family gather at the bar to watch. As a super bonus – this episode featured visits from Loved-ones, and Jay jay actually came to New York, and was featured on the show too!

I brought Barbie with me, in my purse. But Bobby said, "oh, get her out" and she sat with us.
When Christopher came in, Bobby pointed him out to me, and I had to take a moment to get composed. Then, at the next commercial, I introduced myself.

Christopher is SO nice. He is just as nice as he seems on the show. (not tough editing for them to do.)
He has family in Minnesota, so we are clearly best friends already.
He exclaimed his full appreciation for the scale of Barbie, and the challenges of sewing for her.

The show was broadcast on several TVs around the bar, and then it was projected on to one whole wall. Music was playing until the show came on, and then they killed the music, and let the show run. Every time Gretchen let a snide remark rip, the whole place would erupt in boos and hisses. And when Christopher was on, people were silent and intently listening. This was the episode where they pull from inspirations from their own life, so when Christopher mentioned the bay area, or San Francisco, the place went wild!

As a side note, the Lone Star is a Bear Bar. It is really a 'locals joint'. And Mondo’s whole 'reveal' was watched with a passion and understanding that would not have been there if I had watched somewhere else. The place burst into applause when he finally told Nina the story behind his fabric on the runway.
(how about our sweet Mondo with a jerry curl?!)

It was an amazing night. I felt like I was in a Tom and Lorenzo post, like when they say "Oh, Uli just walked in, we have to go". We watched Christopher on the screen, while he watched the episode with us. SWEET!

Now, there are ALL kinds of questions that I wanted to ask, that I didn't.
1. How is Tim? Is he really as badly brushed aside and left out of the loop as he suggests? Should he be? Or is there some crazy stuff going on there?
2. April, thumbs up or down? She does not get a lot of air time, so I am just looking for your real life synopsis.
3. In the fabric challenge, do you get to say how much fabric you need? Or what fiber you will get? Is it all just cotton?
4. Were you all taking bets on Gretchen? Was it like high school with her there!?
5. Have you seen the shows already? Do you know how this is going to play out(more than just the winner?)
6. How was Fashion week? Good HEAVENS!
7. Do you all mock Heidi's clothes? 'Cause MAN-o-man, we sure do. She is so beautiful, she really does not need to do 'that'.
And on and on...
What I did get out of my mouth was "so, how great is Peach? Is she really that great in person?" And he said she is tremendous. Super super nice. (my words, not his)

I think I'm going back next week.
I'll take an adrenalin rush over sleep any day! And maybe I will get the answers to some of these questions.

Now, I need to get to work on my own print. In miniature. With some sort of personal significance. Yeowsa. (Kat and I have not been gifted the HP Smart Touch systems to design our own stuff on yet. We'll let you know.)


Liana said...

Susi, I love your brush with FAME! Ha I really miss San Francisco. If I were there, I'd be at the bear bar right alongside you. Love!!!

kat said...

So so jealous!

Lisa Paul said...

Now THAT is a celebrity encounter worth the blog pixels. Christopher has always been one of my favorites on the show. Although the judges seem to brush him aside in favor of the more far out stuff, I could actually see myself wearing his clothes.

Kirby3131 said...

This is GREAT! So much fun to be a part of the show in your own way. If you continue to go on PR days, you'll get all of your questions answered I'm sure.

I'm beaming ear to ear just hearing of your adventure.

Kristin - The Goat

Anonymous said...

Way cool .....very exciting.

( vamom here, can't remember my PW )

Kelly W said...

I loved reading this! We just watched the episode on tivo tonight and dan and I both had tears on a couple occasions. He made me swear I wouldn't post it on FB.
Glad you got to have so much fun!


Karen said...

....very, very cool!

Nithya said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun!

I especially loved the shot of Barbie perched on the Martini Glass!

Martin said...

What a fun way to watch the show - Patti & I are addicted - we did feel a little conned this week as the trailers seemed to imply someone was cheating and we would find out who - I guess that's this week's suprise - oh, please let it be Wretchin

Alexa said...

CAN I COME WITH YOU?????????????? Let's discuss tomorrow.