Sunday, May 22, 2011


The "Jambi" is talking up a storm now. And the things that come out of her mouth prove that yes, she has heard every word we've said to her. Specifically, all the reading we have done is coming back to us now. Her favorite books are our different Alphabet variations; Chicka Chicka boom boom, Now I eat my ABC's, Richard Scarry's Car Alphabet, the very beautiful illustrations of Charlie Harper ABC...among others.

I have been working for a while now on a customized ABC book of things from her world.
And I sent it to the printer today!
Here is a little sample:

H is for happy

I is for ice cream
we all scream for ice cream
3 generations. I love the look of EVERYONE in that photo.

K is for Kiss
(a picture I took on our honeymoon! We were out on the back patio area at the Hogsbreath in Carmel. Very happy.)

W is for watermelon

It goes on and on. Each page more fun than the next. M is for Mama. D is for Dance and for Daddy.
It was SO much fun to make this book. I used Snapfish. For my 28 page book with a custom cover front and back, they charged $35.95. I have my pictures in Flickr, and the interface between Flickr and Snapfish was pretty easy.
They say that it will be here in 3-5 days. OOOOO I cannot wait.


kat said...

I bet that is going to be just daring!

Beth W. said...

A wonderful idea. And it's so great to get to talk to her now, to get a peek inside her mind!

Lisa Paul said...

One copy? YOu should have made several! Bunny would want one and you need at least three for Jambi: two to use and love and destroy and one to keep pristine.

shopgirl said...

Lis, right? Roger would like one. One for Madrina and Andy's house, one for each Grandma... we could be $300 deep into the library in short order. (I will actually wait, and see how the resolution is before I print the next few copies.)