Wednesday, May 18, 2011

vintage cartoon RV's T-shirt

It all started with this fabric.
RV fabric
And, of course, a t-shirt in a color that I would like.
Finished shirt

Here is the detailed recipe:
I modified the shirt a little bit first, by making it more of a scoop neck.
neck modification
I added a little home made seam tape around the neck to finish the edge off. (note here, bias tape would have been much easier. It would have gone around the curve, and laid flat more gracefully. But I did not have enough fabric to do a bias tape. And, I did not want to cut across the little campers, I wanted a 'line'. All wheels or all roofs, I didn't mind, as long as there was a line.)
neck detail

I used an iron-on interfacing for the actual transfer.
Iron on
And then cut the campers out.
cut outs

I ironed them onto the shirt, and then did a zig zag stitch around the edges.
I wanted to keep it a little 'rustic' so I did not do a super fine satin stitch.
I am pleased with the look in the end.
little campers
I think it will be a great shirt for the summer toddler chasing.


kat said...

It's really cute & I think we need a couple of those campers for real

aliceG said...

Where did you get the RV fabric?