Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crafting with a small person

Normally, for the Iron Craft Challenges, I am focused. I want to produce a lovely finished product.
This time I approached it a little differently.
I included my daughter. And we did crafts that were floral in nature.
Here I offer you "Flowers Three Ways"

We started with finger painting.
And she was very enthusiastic about that.
That was fun.
And 'we' made a flower
A flower

Then it was time to wipe hands.
colored hands
painty hands
We switched over to crayons.
Crayon assessment
And drew some flowers.
Crayon management

Then, the least "natural" craft of all, the 'foamies'. Who knew how popular these things would become? They are like the cast offs from the flip flop factory! They are sticky foam. And easier to handle than paper stickers for her little fingers.
Foamie Flowers
She loves to stick them everywhere. So we wore flowers.
Flowers in Pooh Bear's hair.
flower in Pooh Bear's Hair.
And flowers in her hair.
Flower in her hair

A lovely crafting afternoon.
I was taking pictures of the whole affair. So she grabbed her camera too!
In years to come, we will focus on the end product. But for one afternoon, in her second year, it was just about the process. And we enjoyed every minute of the process.


Beth W. said...

Love all of this.

Lisa Paul said...

It's the journey, not the destination.

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

looks like a ton of fun. I need to get out some finger paints for O again.
Those foam stickers have been banned in our house. My husband can't handle them everywhere- but I might have to sneak them in again. The boy will sit for up to half an hour, quietly peeling and sticking away. something that is hard to get with a 2.5yr old!

Jenny K said...

Crafting with kids is so much fun. For me the hardest part is letting them guide the project and me just following. I have to remember they are kids.

shopgirl said...

NessieNoodle: I cannot stand the thought of them. But then, they are just so fun!
Jenny: too right! I think when you start with a goal in mind, it is totally different. You have been my inspiration- all that you do with the boys. Brava to you!